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Cyber Security Jobs in the UK

16 Jun 2022

The demand for cyber security professionals in the UK is growing at a pace comparable to that of the rise…

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Why CISSP is a must have certification

24 May 2022

A CBK – sometimes called a Body of Knowledge – refers to a peer-developed compendium of what a competent professional in…

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Ransomware Trends 3

17 May 2022

Adversaries exploited vulnerabilities in Kaseya VSA IT Management software in July 2021 as part of a campaign to spread the…

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Ransomware Trends 2

11 May 2022

Supply chain breaches were common in 2021, and they aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. When an attacker compromises a…

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Ransomware Trends 

03 May 2022

The surge in attackers spreading their threats beyond data encryption was a key ransomware development in 2021. Several ransomware gangs…

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Cyber risks concerning worldwide businesses in 2022

20 Feb 2022

Most organizations and businesses have embraced technology to optimize their operation. The introduction of these technologies has also led to…

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